Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project

P.O. Box 209008

New Haven, CT 06520

YHHAP Coordinators:

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YHHAP Projects

Abraham’s Tent: Aryssa Damron

BRED: Rosamond Carr, Torren Peebles

Book Exchange: Lilla Brody, Kelsang Dolma

Clothing Closet: Justin Branham

Elm City Echo: Julia Hamer-LightKhushwant Dhaliwal

Hunger Heroes: Kaitlyn Sabin

KeepSAFE: Andrew ThavychithManuel Brewer

Kitchen 2 Kitchen: Ilana Kamber, Michelle Cheng

No Closed Doors: Andrea Ouyang, Sedina Dzodzomenyo

Project Homeless Connect: Dimitrios LippeDalton Boyt, Justin Branham

VITA: Benjamin Wong, Sarah Siegel, Kevin Biju, Melina Delgado

YHHAP Fast: Aidan Pillard


Chair: Aaron Troncoso

Co-Coordinators: Aryssa Damron, Serena Tharakan

Projects Chair: Harry Seavey

Deputy Projects Chair: Annie Cheng

Finance Chair:  Jackson Willis

Fundraising Chair: Amy Yang

Membership Chair: Dalton Boyt

Advocacy Chair: Rebecca Schapiro

Publicity Chair: Katharine Walls