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Everyone needs books for the semester, but who wants to pay bookstore prices or brave the lines at the Post Office? The YHHAP Book Exchange is an affordable and painless alternative! The YHHAP Book Exchange is a fundraiser designed to reduce textbook costs for Yalies, raise money for charity, and make Yale a greener, more sustainable campus.

Every year at Yale, thousands of course books get thrown out or left unwanted on bookshelves and in storage boxes. The YHHAP Book Exchange hopes to change that, so more of these textbooks and course packets can be reused by other Yalies.

We collect unwanted textbooks and course packets and offer them back to Yale students at reduced prices -50% of the listed Amazon price. Yalies save money on textbooks, and all the money we raise helps shelter women and children in New Haven.


At the end of each semester, we set up bins in residential colleges for students to drop off their unwanted course materials. We ask that students write their names and course numbers on the inside cover of each book so that they can receive an additional discount off their future purchase. We accept donations of books and course packets.

In the near future we will extend this to include course readings and PDFs printed and distributed over the course of the class.


We operate out of the basement of Swing Space (100 Tower Parkway) in room 042. To get there, take the elevator to the basement, exit the elevator, walk to the end of the hallway on your left and then make a right.

Store Hours:

Our hours change each semester. For spring 2016 they are as follows:
Sunday January 24th to Wednesday January 27th, 6-10pm


Co-Coordinators: Lilla Brody and Kelsang Dolma
Nicholas Friedlander
Tanaz Meghjani
Victoria Mevs
Zaki Bahrami
Eva Branson
Paul Eberwine
Jorge Lema
Brian Matusovsky
Amy Chan
Gabriel Betancur
Anna Roberts
Jackson Willis
Madeleine Hicks


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