Elm City Echo

The Elm City Echo is a newspaper publication featuring content created by the homeless community in New Haven.  Working alongside these individuals, the paper features opinion pieces and personal stories, as well as poetry and artwork.

The Echo’s mission is to create economic and expressive opportunity for marginalized members of the New Haven community experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness.

The Elm City Echo does not accept donations in cash. To donate or learn more about our mission, email elmcityecho@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook or at our website.
Stop by the Dwight Hall Office or look out for Official Street Vendors with an Elm City Echo Lanyard to buy a copy today!



5 thoughts on “Elm City Echo

  1. On the publications I have seen and read there has
    been no number or way to contact you folks as to; ways
    to submit contributations, both written as to life stories
    or how to help. I have recognized many a ship I passed
    in the night of our journeys in your wonderful journey of
    careing, compassion and determination to educate the
    masses of washed vs. the unfortunate unwashed as to
    the origins of the slide into each others dispaire. Along my
    journey I met a couple that after I watched them together
    and began to be amazed by their gift of dedication and
    caring for others. Their “Aura” was amazing to me. I finally
    found a space in time as I spoke to the wife one
    day to get
    the courage to ask about their journey. What I listened to
    will stay forever in my heart. I was spellbound as she let
    me into her recent journey. They were survivors of
    hurricaine Katrina and the story she told was so, so sad
    that I wept trying to comprehend the horrors I would
    never fully understand. She and her husband were a
    beacon to humility I now begin to feel. They were gone
    from the shelter where we met in a very short time and
    the lession I learned was tenacity and it renewed my
    faith in never giving up. I now have a place of my own
    and a beautiful circle of support that help me to be happy.

  2. Please excuse my spelling and syntax
    errors and feel to correct them. I started
    out to find information for contact. It traveled, as I tend to do, into an amazing memory I hope will never be forgotten, at least by me. Thank you for your indulgence.
    Nancy P.

  3. Hello, I am very interested in offering stories and poems relating to my homelessness in New Haven over the past few years. Please contact me. Thank you. Sandra M.

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